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Ep#51: How to write (and live) more authentically with Jeremy Holt

In this episode, we chat with Jeremy Holt, a non-binary author whose most recent works include Made in Korea, Virtually Yours, Before Houdini, and Skip to the End.

Their latest comic series, Made in Korea, is about a Korean nine-year-old named Jesse, who is adopted and sent to live with a lovely couple in America. Equipped with an encyclopedic brain but socially awkward, Jesse’s journey through the complexities of race, gender, and identity hits a fork in the road when she discovers she’s not entirely human—yet. The story is so cleverly crafted and completely gripping - we couldn’t put it down.

We thought we were gonna talk to Jeremy about Made in Korea, and maybe about being an identical triplet, and we did, but the conversation kept unfolding in unexpected ways. We start with how Jeremy found their creative calling as a comic writer while working a day job at Apple, and how they eventually got picked up by their dream publisher years after almost quitting writing altogether. We think this episode is really about following your dreams and realising your destiny. Yes - big, epic, stuff. Jeremy absolutely blew us away and this is one of our favourite interviews to date.

*Spoiler Alert: We discuss Made in Korea's plot in this episode!*

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