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Ep#50: Happy 50th Episode + Listener Q&A!

"How did you two meet? What is going on in your logo image? If Adopted Feels was a food, what would it be?"

In this special 50th episode, we answer these very important questions and more, and reflect on the pod journey thus far. Warning: Hana gets bossy/rant-y, and Ryan is predictably sentimental. Plus, we share some highly personal new year's resolutions for 2022.

Thank you for staying with us for these past two and a half years, and thank you to everyone who submitted questions! And for the questions we didn't get to, we'll try to address them in a future episode!

p.s. Please excuse a couple lags in Hana's audio, and head to our Instagram (@adoptedfeelspodcast) to see screenshots of us watching the trailer for 'Singles Inferno,' a Korean reality TV show on Netflix. A listener asked us to rate the show (a fun question!) but neither of us have seen it - yet.

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