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Ep#44: Stay out of the comments! Lessons from very minor internet fame

WE’RE BAAAAAACK! Ryan’s in Melbourne lockdown 5.0, or what feels like 50.0, and Hana can only meet up with one other person after 6pm in Seoul. Plus, she can’t listen to music faster than 120BPM at the gym (but songs like Robyn’s Dancing On My Own at 117BPM are A-OK.) Covid restrictions, eh.

In this convo, Ryan shares some exciting life news and Hana talks about pandemic hypochondria and her visit to a one-stop-shop health check centre (kind of like a medical jjimjilbang). We also discuss both the weird and wonderful messages we’ve received after the release of Aaron Choe’s short doco for Vice Asia, dealing with haters, and remembering your audience.

(Just in case it’s not clear, this episode falls into our casual, random, frivo category!)

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