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Ep#41: The Intersectional Lives of Transgender Adoptees: an online panel event by Also-Known-As, Inc

This episode is an audio recording of a recent online event called “The Intersectional Lives of Transgender Adoptees” (2021.04.26), organized by the adult adoptee organisation Also-Known-As, Inc., under the most excellent leadership of Korean adoptee Mike Mullen.

In the first panel of its kind, Ryan, along with three amazing transgender intercountry adoptees—Pauline Park, Jin Jiang, Andy Marra—with facilitator and transgender Korean adoptee Min Matson, discuss what it's like being trans and an adoptee, including grappling with the current resurgence of anti-asian racism and anti-trans legislation, navigating birth family search and reunion, names, and more.

This was an informative, insightful, and deeply personal discussion that evolved from numerous conversations between Pauline and Mike over the years and drew over 150 online attendees. Thank you to Mike, AKA, and the panelists for letting us share this special event here, and we hope this contributes to continued conversations in the future!

You can also watch the video recording of this event on YouTube:

About Also-Known-As: Also-Known-As, Inc., founded in 1996, is an adult adoptee run organization based in the NY metro area. They provide educational programs, facilitate community building activities, and work hard to elevate the voices of intercountry adoptees. For more info visit:

Follow the panelists here:

Pauline’s blog:

Jin on Instagram: @jin_jiang0611

Andy on Instagram: @andy_marra

Min (facilitator) on Instagram: @sfolliethepug

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Nov 27, 2023

Wow, what an incredible and important panel event! It's fantastic to see organizations like Also-Known-As, Inc. taking the initiative to shed light on the intersectional lives of transgender adoptees. The discussion around being transgender and an adoptee must have been incredibly insightful and poignant, especially in today's climate of anti-Asian racism and anti-trans legislation.

The panel lineup sounds absolutely amazing! Ryan, Pauline Park, Jin Jiang, and Andy Marra, along with facilitator Min Matson, must have brought unique perspectives and experiences to the conversation. Exploring topics like birth family search, reunion, and the significance of names must have prompted deep reflection and emotional discussions. It's reassuring to know that over 150 people attended online, indicating a strong interest in these conversations.

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