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Ep#39: Catch Up With Us! On Working From Home, Work-Life Im/balance, & more

Catch Up With Us! On Working From Home, Work-Life Im/balance, & Ryan’s pitch for our Reality TV Debut

Welcome to the second quarter of 2021! (Scary.) This episode finds us in contrasting situations: Ryan has too much work to do and Hana has too little at times, and life in Melbourne is almost back to normal while covid restrictions continue in Seoul. We talk about work, work-life balance, asserting your own needs, and academic/teaching burnout - as well as what we’ve been watching during the pandemic.

This convo was borne out of general life fatigue ('languishing,' as the NYT recently put it) and missing having a casual, frivo catch up with each other. We promise that more serious and substantial content is coming your way soon, including further conversations on anti-racism in light of recent events.

Warning: This episode contains at least one slow, covid-foggy brain and about 60% laughter.

Recommended listening pairings: Washing the dishes, or your 5pm nachos and wine happy hour. Guide to Aussie slang for non-Australian listeners: “yeah, nah” = “I hear you, but no”

Plus, register for the Also Known As panel event “The Intersectional Lives of Transgender Adoptees” on April 26, 2021, featuring Ryan!

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