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Ep#38: Vino & Chats with the 'Aussie Dining Club' in Seoul (ft. Blossom, Meg, & Peter

Vino and Chats with the 'Aussie Dining Club' in Seoul (ft. Blossom Perriard, Meg O'Shea, & Peter Jo)

In this episode, Hana catches up with the “Aussie Dining Club”, a group of Korean Australians in Seoul. Adoptees Blossom Perriard and Meg O’Shea, and Korean Australian chef Peter Jo meet at Hana’s apartment to say farewell to Meg before she returns to Australia. This is a loose, intimate conversation among friends: one who just arrived in Korea, one who’s about to leave, one who is more comfortable with disruption and change, and one who craves stability. The group compares life in Korea vs Australia, Korean Adoptee and Korean Australian experiences, and considers whether they would scatter their ashes in Korea or Australia. You know, the usual stuff.

Follow these Korean Australians on Instagram:

Blossom Perriard @b_b__p_d

Meg O’Shea @even.little.meg

Peter Jo @kimchi_pete

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