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Ep#36: Feel the Fear and Be a Boss Anyway, ft. Beauty & Seoul Founder Maree Kinder

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Maree Kinder, a literal beauty boss, third culture kid-grown-woman and Korean adoptee, talks to us about the unique origins of her business Beauty & Seoul, connection to Korea, mental health, and more.

About Maree: Maree Kinder is a multi-award winning entrepreneur and Founder of K-Beauty online store Beauty & Seoul. She is widely credited with making K-Beauty more accessible in the UK. A third culture kid, she was raised in Australia, Japan, Holland and England where she currently resides. Given her own struggles, Maree is a huge advocate of mental health. Outside of running her business, she loves travelling, eating, and cuddles with her pup, Kimchi.

Follow her on Instagram at @mareekinder and @beauty_and_seoul, and check out the online store at:

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