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Ep#35: The Stories We Want to Tell: On Trauma, Resilience, & Identity with Aaron Yunsuk Choe

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

“I tried so hard to fit into Korea, and I only realised - honestly like six months ago - that I shouldn’t have to try so hard [here] either. I spent so long trying to fit into, I can just be myself...And if people don’t understand me, then so be it. I’m just gonna be who I want to be. I don’t think I could have had that [realisation] without coming to Korea.”

January 13th was Korean American Day, which got us thinking about Korean Americans, Korean adoptees, and the ways in which our experiences resonate and intersect. It wasn't until Hana moved to Korea that she became friends with more Korean Americans, who often come here with the same questions, tensions, and yearnings as adoptees. One of these friends is Aaron Yunsuk (윤석) Choe (최): a Korean American filmmaker, musician, DJ, passionate home cook, and avid plant collector - to name but a few of his many hats. In this conversation with Hana, Aaron talks about his childhood in the US, moving to Korea in his mid-20s, and establishing a career in film and TV. Committed to amplifying adoptee voices through film, Aaron shares his experiences connecting with adopted Koreans, and his upcoming documentary project for Vice Asia!

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