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Ep#33: Catching Up With Hana & Ryan: On Plans (Or Lack Thereof), Culture Shock, & Curiosity

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Hey everyone, we’ve missed you!

In this episode, the two of us sit down for a long overdue transcontinental catch up—but first, Hana shares another extended Seoul life update (she likes to do that)—in which she realises, “Oh s#*^! I live here now”. She also delves into the process of cultural adaptation and the anxiety of not knowing what’s next, followed by a little heart-to-heart with Ryan about life plans versus, uh, less-linear trajectories and the value of following your curiosity. Along the way, we discuss theories from two of our favourite gurus, of course: Brené Brown and Elizabeth Gilbert. What was intended to be a shorter mini-sode got a little blown out, but we hope you can sit down—with your morning coffee, afternoon tea, or covid happy hour martini—and enjoy.

Brené Brown on Day 2:

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