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Ep#32: 'I want to hear someone call me home': Kee Byung-keun on food, love, & connection

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Hana wanted to get this guest on the pod for ages but was too afraid to ask, but now - hooray! - here he is.

Kee Byung-keun is a food writer, photographer, and editor based in Tokyo. Born in Seoul sometime in 1984 and sent away to the United States soon thereafter, Kee was raised in rural Louisiana—where, as he says, the food was good but life was hard. Many years and many wrong turns later, Kee made his way to Tokyo, where he built a life and a community around the city’s superlative food scene.

Kee joins us to talk about home, belonging, connection, and mental health. We discuss how he chose to leave the US, a difficult first trip back to Korea, life in Tokyo, starting therapy for the first time, and of course, food.

To further explore Kee’s world, follow him on Instagram at @abathingegg or check out his website at

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