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EP#31:Adoptee Activism & Building Community: Boon Young Han, Jenny Na,& kimura byol-nathalie lemoine

In this episode, we share the 2nd part of our conversation with Boon Young, Jenny, and kimura, three heavyweights of the global Korean adoptee community, who have committed decades of their lives to advocating for adoptee rights and social change in Korea. We talk about coming 'out of the fog,' why they first became involved in adoptee activism, what activism means and looks like, and what they've learned over their many years of experience.

Listen to our previous episode for our discussion of Adoption Truths Day and the first annual conference, which took place on September 9th. The online conference will soon be made available to watch

on YouTube. We will post a link on our Instagram and Facebook (@adoptedfeelspodcast) once it is up!

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