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EP#29: "punching you in the heart with comics": On Home, Relationships, & Creating Nikkioften

Nikki Lee Bix Webster is the creator of nikkioften, a visual arts project “dedicated to punching you in the heart with comics”—and she's very good at it. In this episode, Nikki talks to us about living in and leaving Korea, moving back to the U.S., creating home, drawing, and nurturing one's inner child. She shares what she's learned about relationships and break-ups, adoptee tendencies to perfectionism, growth, and the importance of humor.

Nikki is a Korean American who grew up in Towson, Maryland and is currently living in LA county in California. She used to consider herself a Korean adoptee, but was reunited with her Korean birth family in 2012 and built a meaningful relationship with her immediate and extended family members for 5 uninterrupted years in South Korea. She returned to the United States in 2018 and now considers herself to be an overseas Korean or second-generation Korean American.

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