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Ep#28: Race, Identity, & Finding Your Voice as an Asian Adoptee: Intimate Convos with Adam Goodman

In recent months, the Black Lives Matter Movement and anti-Asian covid-19 pandemic racism have prompted renewed urgent conversations regarding race among Korean and other Asian adoptees. In this conversation with Adam Goodman of Plan A Magazine and the Escape from Plan A podcast, we talk about racial and adoptee identity, and finding your voice as an Asian person. This is neither a guide nor a resource - there are numerous excellent texts out there, which we will link to on our socials! - but rather an intimate convo among Korean adoptees, that touches on internalized racism, whiteness, responsibility, and how learning is both a shared and ongoing process.

Adam Goodman is a Korean adoptee who grew up in Westchester, NY along side his younger brother (also adopted and biologically related). He's now living in North Jersey with his girlfriend. In addition to his day job as a business analyst, he and a group of like-minded friends run an online publication, Plan A Magazine. Follow Adam (@snbatman) and Plan A Magazine (@planamag) on Twitter!

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