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Ep#27:We Do Our Birth Charts! Astrology for Adoptees with Mallory Gill

We’ve mentioned star signs a few times before on the podcast, but today we take it one step further by talking to professional astrologer and shamanic healer Mallory Gill. In this episode Mallory gives us a primer on astrology, what perspectives it can offer - particularly for adoptees - and we learn that Hana is a very-virgo-virgo, and Ryan is a scratch-the-taurus-surface & look out! there's a gemini. Our meeting with Mallory takes us in all sorts of directions, so heads up, our post-interview convo is one of our looser, rawer, and wilder ones.

About Mallory:

Seven years ago, in the midst of a spiritual awakening, Mallory heard a voice that said, "Give yourself a key. Give yourself a way to understand." A week later, she discovered astrology. Now she uses the guidance she's gained from the stars to help people understand the cosmic forces working in their lives and unfold their unique destinies. Mallory is also a shamanic healer who offers a variety of energetic techniques to help people blossom into their true selves. She has studied at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, the Toltec shamanism based Artist of the Spirit Coach training program, and the Center for Psychological Astrology. If you'd like to get in touch with Mallory to book a session, she can be contacted at

p.s. We apologize for the audio quality - Zoom and Australian internet isn't the best combo. We've minimized the patchiness as best we can, and promise to ensure cleaner audio in future episodes!

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