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Ep.12: Harlow's Monkey in the House! Interview with JaeRan Kim

In this episode, Hana and Ryan sit down with JaeRan Kim, who we were very lucky to catch right after the IKAA Gathering. JaeRan is a social worker, writer, teacher and scholar. Her involvement in the adoptee activist community began with her well-known blog “Harlow’s Monkey”, an unapologetic look at transracial and transnational adoption, which has been running for 13 years strong. We talk about how JaeRan first got into social work, her current projects including research on adoptees as parents, research ethics, and blogging. She also shares how she talked to her kids about adoption as they were growing up - which may have involved some critical analyses of Disney film narratives. And the musical Annie. (Also, listen til the end to hear Hana's protip for a quick and foolproof way to learn to love kimchi).

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