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Ep#48: Better Together: Angela Gee & Robyn Joy Park, Adoptees & Adoption Specialist Therapists

We’ve had the privilege of speaking to so many people on the podcast and today’s guests are two of the warmest and most generous yet. Angela Gee and Robyn Joy Park are both Asian adoptees and licensed therapists based in the LA area, who serve the adoption community. Hana first crossed paths with Robyn almost 10 years ago in Seoul, when she co-facilitated a post-birth family reunion discussion group, and more recently, we saw Angela and Robyn speak at this year’s KAAN conference. When we approached them via email to talk on the podcast, their enthusiastic replies were like beams of sunshine radiating through our screens. Don’t you just love emails, and people, like that?

In this conversation, Angela and Robyn talk about how they became therapists who specialise in adoption, the challenges and rewards of this work, how their mentorship relationship turned into a professional partnership and deep friendship, the online community they have built for adoptees of colour, some practical advice for adoptees looking for a new therapist or seeking therapy for the first time, and more—all with wisdom, candour, and humour.

This conversation reminded us that although the pandemic continues to test and isolate us in various ways, we’re not alone. There are always new resources to be found and new connections to be made. Keep looking and keep reaching out. We are both cheering you on.

Speaking of new resources, check out Robyn’s new podcast, “Labor of Love,” a podcast that centers and amplifies the voices of BIPOC adoptees navigating parenthood. You can find it on iTunes and Spotify, and follow on instagram at @laboroflovepodcast

Finally, you too can get sorted into a Hogwarts house! Just visit and follow the prompts. (

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