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Ep#37: From secrecy to activism: A domestic Korean adoptee’s perspective, ft. YoungChang Min

In this episode we speak with a very special guest: YoungChang Min (민영창), activist and co-director of the Domestic Korean Adoptee Association. It’s a perspective that a lot of overseas adoptees don’t often hear about - that’s been our experience, at least.

YoungChang explains what it was like finding out, at the age of 13, that he was adopted - and to have his adoptive mother deny it when he asked her if it was true. He talks about his exposure to overseas Korean adoptees, adoptee activism, the importance of building a home and family, attitudes toward adoption in Korea, and his relief upon meeting a fellow domestic adoptee for the first time. This was a really special and eye-opening convo for us, and we’re very grateful to YoungChang for coming on the podcast.

To learn more about the Domestic Korean Adoptee Association, check out his Kakao channel (in Korean):

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